You love apps?
So do we, and we love making them.
Making apps involves a LOT more than making code.
It takes a whole team of crazy coders, communicators and creatives to keep the ball rolling. Want in? Scroll down.
Pinxter® Digital has a few ideas we live by, it’s kinda our version of the 10 commandments.
  • 1:
    Authenticity, accountability & adaptability
  • 2:
    Have a spirit of abundance
  • 3:
    Never say, “That’s not my job.”
  • 4:
    People, passion, and purpose over profits
  • 5:
    Strengths & weaknesses: be aware of both
  • 6:
    Culture of “Hell Yes!” people, not “Yes” people
  • 7:
    IDK is an acceptable answer
  • 8:
    Leave your ego at the door
  • 9:
    Evoke emotions
  • 10:
    Keep it simple
If these mantras sound good to you, email us a resume and cover letter to