Increase Your Organization’s Productivity And Engagement By Connecting On The Device We Check Most Often - Our Smartphones
  • Communication
    Reach the whole organization, a select few, or a team member on the device they check most often.
  • Collaboration
    Share content, resources, and ideas via the newsfeed, group forums, discussions, or private messaging
  • Coordination
    Focus the app to maximize efficiencies in HR, training and development, event planning and registration, employee travel, and much more
Put Clowder™ to work and start building a stronger organization now!
"Clowder™ app has allowed our CMO Club family to connect like never before and the simplicity of the platform is absolutely wonderful."
— Pete Krainik, Founder, The CMO Club
  • Event Coordination
  • Messaging
  • Group Discussion
  • Content Sharing
  • News Feed
Fully Customized • No Upfront Development Costs • Launch in 4-6 Weeks • Brand with your Colors and Logo • Low Monthly Costs • Full Tech Support • Integrate with all CMS, CRM and other databases
CLOWDER Base Version Starting at $1495 per month
Base Version
  • Up to 999 Users
  • Links, Photos, Videos, Articles
  • List of Events
  • List of Members
  • Smart Search
  • Direct Chat
  • Full Description of Events
  • Custom Topics, Follow Feature
  • Custom Admin
  • User Managment
  • Group Chat
  • Custom Filters
  • Event Registration
  • And many more…
"Nearly 3 in 4 respondents said mobile apps had the biggest impact on their organization this year"
— Association Advisor
Included Services
Hosting and Server Administration • Apple and Android* Marketplace Implementation • Admin Functionality Training • Design Consultation • All App Optimizations and Servicing • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Peta’s mobile advocacy campaign resulted in a conversion rate of more than 20 percent
  • Monetize app by offering sponsorship opportunities, utilizing ad space, or charge usage fees
  • 22 hours per day is how much time people ages 18-44 have a smartphone within reach
Impact on Employees and Membership
  • More Active
    Members and Employees who engage on their mobile device are more active than their non-mobile connected counterparts.
  • Feel They Have a Bigger Impact
    Members and Employees who get news and information on mobile devices feel they have a bigger impact. This data is important when building and launching initiatives.
  • Mobility Makes It Easier to Keep Up with Your Organization
    Members and Employees who use mobile apps to connect feel more strongly that it is easy to keep up with news and events.
  • Apps Can Help Engage Younger Members
    Research tells us that members who engage your organization on their mobile trend younger than your average member.